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mini BIOLAS® Softlaser

A small handy softlaser

The miniBiolas laser light is absolutely painless and has no risk of infection.  

Due to its portable lipstick-type form it can be applied anywhere.
Soft laser therapy is  being used worldwide for various symptoms of diseases. 


Directions for use:

NB: Concerning the soft laser beam therapy, it refers to alternative medicine as an additional therapeutic process. The statements about the effectiveness of the method as used herein are still controversial in academic circles.    

Acne/pimples, arthritis, eczema, wrinkles, fever blister, minor wounds and scars, herpes simplex, muscle tension, pustules, cracked  skin, toothache, sprains, gout, burns 1 and 2 degrees, anxiety or fatigue, joint inflammation, cold feet syndrome, dysfunction of the bowel, abdominal pain and much more. 

We recommend to use a PWR60-150 power unit which has a medical clearance integrally with a miniBIOLAS® laser for long-continued therapy. 


Power supply: 6V, element 544/4LR44
Red light laser diode in the visible range, wavelength approx. 650 nm
Laser output: <5mW,
continuous beam
Laser protection class: 2M
Medical device class: II a
Weight: 85 g
Length: 11 cm